SEO CopyWriting- Your Content without SEO can be a wreaking Havoc

SEO drives 1000%+ more Traffic than organic social media. (BrightEdge)

Most of us know that SEO stands for “Search engine optimization”. It’s about how well you understand what your consumers are looking for, the keywords they are used to searching and the type of content they wish to devour. 

 It’s the ability to provide solutions and answers to their search queries at your best. If you know the answers to their queries, then it’s a cake-walk to connect with people and drive website traffic.

Outreach Content writing and Digital Marketing Services provides the best SEO content writing services in Pune, India and across the globe at the fraction of your marketing cost. Our SEO based content writing along with best practices can bring your web pages on the first page of search engines.

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What is SEO?

Why is SEO Important in 2021?

60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the search results such as the “CLICK TO CALL” option. (Think with Google, 2019)

Organisations are spending more time and money on SEO. With the changing algorithms of search engines, especially Google, it is difficult to rank your website service or product.  

Here’s why you need SEO in 2021

1. Boost Organic Search: It’s not Science anymore that, to be successful in business, you need to rank in Google. Consumers now research almost 70% of their purchasing online even before they contact a Sales person. Organic search is a mandate if you need to take your brand to the next level. 53% percent of traffic to websites comes from organic search (source: BrightEdge Organic Channel report)

2. Enhances quality Traffic: If you are not on the 1st page, then you lose the game and the opportunity to outsmart your competitors. SEO plays an important role in driving quality traffic to your website.

3. Keyword Phrase Optimization: SEO provides the best manual to use the Keywords and phrases in Articles and Blogs. You can do a Keyword research and use those Keywords and Phrases in your Blogs and articles or website content which can help you improve your web ranking.

4. Free of Cost Ranking: All of this happens with no advertisement or promotional cost as its completely algorithm based. Of course, writing quality content has some cost.

91% of all pages never get any Organic Traffic from Google, mostly because they don’t have Backlinks.

How does SEO work?

If a page has more Backlinks, it gets more search traffic from Google. You should use SEO to build a strong web presence, increase your brand awareness and bring in new customers.

Your website language won’t influence your audiences, unless they can view and find you. Google considers over 200 factors to rank any website on the Search engine. Focusing on top factors can enhance your SEO exponentially.

The Top four Factors are:-

      1. Website visits                2. Time on site        

     3. Pages per session        4. Bounce rate            

Here are a few common KPIs (Key Performance indicators) to get you started:

      • Sales
      • Contact form submissions
      • Email sign-ups
      • Phone calls
      • Downloads

We can test your business across any of these KPIs.

For us, it’s not language that matters.  Because we speak SEO.

Our SEO Techniques

We start from executing SEO basics and integrate more techniques progressively. We speak not just your language but SEO. You might have stunning content, but it stands no value if it’s not SEO optimized.

1. SEO Tools: We use a variety of SEO Tools and Plugins like Yoast SEO (WordPress) for content writing. The result is an aggregated and well optimized content.

 2. Undefeated Content Marketing Strategy: If you have an existing website, we provide SEO content audit support and share the complete report within few hours. If you are looking to create a new site, then we can build an Undefeated SEO Content marketing Strategy.

Our SEO Strategy is effective in generating more traffic to your web and meets your business goal.

3. Site Optimization: Optimizing your site will help in delivering better insights to search engines and your pages will get properly indexed. 

4Multiple Factors: We work on various factors like engaging Content building, Keyword Optimization, Mobile Optimization, user friendly pages, link building, local SEO and Backlinks. We work on On-page and Off-page SEO strategy, which helps in establishing credibility and trust with your online audience.

SEO writing = Great Content + Strong On-page SEO + Off-page SEO

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Benefits of SEO

1. Increase your website visibility: SEO helps build better positions on the SERPs. As per Advanced Web Ranking, the top three positions alone on the SERP receive an average of 60% of all the clicks. So if you appear higher on the search engine, you will gain better results.

2. Enhance Brand awareness: Your brand gets recognized with SEO. People get acquainted with your brand name, logo, colors and positive reputation. It can help build powerful organizations.

3. Create Voice for your Business: Your company can create  their own voice with SEO Content writing. With more website visitors, they get keen to know more about your organization, about your product and services. It’s easy to create your Brand identity with SEO.

4. Business expansion across geographic boundaries: With traditional marketing, you often promote your brand within a limited a limited geographic area. This could be local or at the most within the country. With SEO, you get the opportunity of expansion irrespective of your location. You can increase your reach beyond your region, across the country and the glober


1. Does SEO help your business?

Ans: Yes. SEO improves the chances of your website visibility on Search pages and brings in more prospects to your website. With better qualified traffic, you can get a high number of leads and more customers.

2. Is SEO important in 2021?    

Ans: People are moving more towards Organic Search for queries and answers.  So there is a huge spike in Search traffic which continues to rise. That is why optimizing your pages for SEO is more critical and important in 2021.

3. How Content Marketing helps SEO?

Ans: According to a study, pages that rank the highest in Google’s search engine results pages (or SERPs) have the highest amount of content. If you have substantial and detailed content, it will rank higher in the Search Engine. 

4. How does SEO help increase Sales?

Ans: SEO helps you in ranking high on Search engine. So your Audience’s website is more visible on the Search Engine, which brings more visitors and traffic to your website. Eventually, with the right SEO techniques, you can convert their visitors to leads and Sales.

5. What is an SEO Content Marketing strategy?

Ans: SEO Content Marketing Strategy is combining Content strategy with SEO like using high rank Keywords and Phrases in the content and then optimizing them further on Search Engine with SEO techniques.  

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