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Website Content writing- how do you hook your Audience in less than 8 seconds?

According to Mill for Business, there were over 1 billion websites in the world in January 2020. With so much competition, it’s not a cakewalk anymore to ensure your website ranks high on Google

By now, you know that the attention span of your audience has reduced to 8 seconds, which is less than of a Goldfish. Data released from StatisticBrain . In 2000, the average attention span for people was about 12 seconds, which has further reduced now to 8 seconds.

So a visitor visiting your website gives you only 8 seconds once he is on your site. If you can grab his attention then, your battle is half won. If not, your visitors will just drop off.

All this has boiled down to an important challenge for businesses. How to grab your audience’s attention in less than 8 seconds? People skim rather than read, so you need to make the most important points of your message stand out on the Landing pages of your website.

It’s imperative to deliver a meaningful experience for each visitor with a personalized Call to Action (CTA).  By using the right website writing techniques, you can convert your Audiences to Customers. Read further to know more. 

Your Web Content plays a significant role in positioning your Business High

What is website writing?

Website content writing is content written for a product or a service.  If done right, it will enhance your business presence on search engines like Google and your web pages will eventually rank high.

Few people know the difference between Visitors and Audiences. Yes, they are different! When you have visitors on your website, our intent is not just to grab their attention for 8 seconds. With our best quality Content, we drive them to be regular visitors who turn into Audiences that get sold.

Visitors – People who visit your website and leave in few seconds
Audience – People who regularly look forward to munching on your content.

Website Writing

Why is website writing important in 2021?

Your website copywriting content plays a significant role in positioning your business High. 

Search engines like Google will choose your web pages to rank high only when your web pages have quality content, the right Keywords, and proper SEO.

1. Global Platform: An impeccable professional website makes a big impact on your Audiences. You can amplify your business only when your presence is global.  The content of your website can elevate its performance.  Website content writing and marketing it in the right way can provide a global platform. You can sell your goods and services not just locally but globally. Our Website writing best practices can enhance your website performance exponentially.

2. Increase visitors and Conversion: Your website tells your users who you are and what you do. Using a combination of Organic and Paid marketing, your website can be the Key platform where your visitors land. Once you can generate interest, they become your Audience and can further convert to become your Customers.

3. Lead generation tool:  Your website acts as a Lead generation tool for your business. We can develop various landing pages with different objectives, like leading users to different pages, lead generation, making a purchase. We design Lead generation pages specifically to lead the user to fill their information in the opt-in form


How do you attract your Audience who doesn't want to get Sold?

Your Audience won’t get Sold if you do not use the right Technique. Here’s what we follow:-

1. Story Telling : It not just a great headline and catchy phrases that attract your Audiences. For them to stick to your web, it’s imperative to narrate them an interesting story. This rings a bell with the audiences and syncs with their thoughts.

2. Persuasive Content: Outreach Content Writing and Digital Marketing Services allows your brand to connect with your customers. It not only builds an instant connection but also wins their trust in your brand. The content we create is unique, refreshing, and precise, which your audience will love.

3. SEO Effective:  Implementing SEO techniques is a part of our Content Strategy. We create content using effective Keywords that naturally merge in your web pages. This helps your website rank up in the search engine and makes it more visible to the right audience.

4. Power Words: Emotions play an imperative part in everyone’s lives. We use powerful words that connect with the audience emotionally. This makes the content irresistible and persuades them to trust your business.

5. Buyer’s Personas: For any business to build Sales, they must reach out to the right audiences. This means we need to create the right Buyer Personas who actually need your solution or Services. We do a lot of research and build the right personas. This helps us target the audiences who will actually buy your product.


1. What is web-based writing?

Web-based writing is writing for any website keeping in mind a specific Target Audience in order to bring more visitors and enhance website presence.

2. How much to charge for website content writing in India?

Writing content for Small Businesses in India can cost anything between 10000 INR to 25000 INR. It depends on the website and the customer’s requirements.

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