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Blog Writing- Establish your Brand Authority in your Industry

55% of marketers say Blog content creation is their number one inbound marketing priority-Hubspot

What is a Blog?

A business Blog is a driving force to promote your business in a very cost-effective way. If done correctly, it can attract traffic to your website, establish brand authority and escalate your sales.

Blogs are the best way to engage customers and leave them with a good brand impression. Many small businesses have yet not realized their potential and benefits.

86% of companies produce blog content compared to other formats. Source: (SEMrush 2019)

Outreach Content Writing, the best Content writing and Digital Writing agency in Pune, India focuses on these KEY factors while creating blogs for customers. With periodic blogs, you can bring more visitors and hook them by offering something unique.

Marketers who prioritize marketing efforts like making blogging a serious priority are 13 times more likely to see positive ROI. (HubSpot)


Why is Blogging important in 2021?

67% of bloggers who reported “strong results” in 2019 posted daily. Orbit Media

Blogs are the best way to connect with your audience. They act as a catalyst in email marketing, social media promotion to drive traffic to your website.

Benefits of Blogging on your Business

1. Blogs help increase your Company’s Brand value:  Blogs allow you to share your opinions thoughts, latest news and updates on certain topics. With Blogs, you can easily differentiate your Brand and build credibility for your business. You can position your Brand as the Market leader in your industry, which builds trusts.  

2. Blogs Drive Website traffic: We create Blogs with the right Keywords and phrases which the audience is looking for. When regularly updated with high quality and topics relevant to your customer base, they help SEO of your website. Eventually, drive more traffic to your business, which improves the overall performance of your website.

3. Enhance Customer Engagement and generate Leads: Blogs help profound connection with your audience and Brand. They help you provide content which is interesting and unique to your target audience. They provide more personalized platform for understanding your Brand, your offerings, and why they should choose you when compared to your competitor.

4. Cost effective: Blogging is a kind of content which allows to create more powerful and global online presence. It provides an opportunity for growth, improves ranking on the search engine without spending a lot. It’s a cost effective way for getting your message regularly to your customers through your website and Social Media.

Our Blog Writing Technique

1. Understanding your Audience:  It’s imperative to understand what your Target audience wants to know about. What will resonate with them? We create your Buyer’s personas and identify their interests to come up with a topic for the Blog post.

2. Intriguing and Catchy Title: We focus on a title that is not generic. We create working Titles, which are more specific to your audience. The title we identify is more searched by your audience and is quite catchy. Google prefers 65 characters or fewer for any title to be seen on the Search engine results page.

3. Personable and Conversational:  Whether a reader will keep reading your blog is decided only in the initial few seconds. We write our blogs in a very personal and Conversational style, which grabs the attention of the audience. 

4. Optimize for SEO: We sneak in few Keywords in the Blog naturally without making it stuffed. This helps in optimizing for SEO and increases the chances of the blog to rank high on Google Search.

5. Relatable and Concise: We try to answer the most frequently asked questions related to your business which makes it more relatable. We intend to educate the visitor by making it more crisp and concise.

83% of traffic to marketing blogs comes from desktops. (SEMrush, 2019

Benefits of Blog Writing

1. Drive Organic Traffic: Our expert blog writers write the blogs considering all SEO elements which help your business improve ranking organically, build trust, and create Brand authority.

2. Repeat visitors: With regular blog posts, you not only get repeat visitors, but we build consistent readership. The visitors will often visit you because they believe in your content, which enhances Brand loyalty.

3. Customer Relationship: Our expertise with blog writing increases the visitor’s time on your page. It brings your audiences closer to your brand, make connection and move them down into your sales funnel.

47% of B2B customers view three to five posts before talking to a salesperson. (Demand Gen Report)


1. How do blogs help in Content marketing?

Ans: Blogs of outstanding quality and optimized content can help rank your website organically high on the Search Engine. They help you add specific Keywords and Phrases which help the SEO of your Brand.

2. How to create a Blog Content Strategy?

Ans: There are five steps  to creating a Blog Content Strategy.  Define your goals, identify your target market, craft your ideas and Keywords, create your content calendar, get Backlinks, create content, and run a content audit.

3. How to write marketing blogs your clients will actually read?

Ans: Create an attention grabbing Title, add a Meta description to encourage visitors. Add keywords to the description, use emotionally interesting language, add data list and numbers, highlight your value proposition, keep your readers engaged, add a Conclusion.

4. How do you write content for a blog?

Ans: To make a great and unique content, create original content, strong Headlines, provide answers to queries of your audiences, add data and statistics, engaging and thought-provoking stories and add images and videos.

Blogging needs consistent efforts. It’s best to outsource to the experts, then spending your own time. We excel at writing long- form and short-form content depending on your need.
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